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Genre - Family
release date - 2019
Thank you for posting this the day of my birthday! Beautiful present. The music is lovely, and the dance. Tan lindas las canciones, pero los anuncios molestan. We are so lucky, our generation:  At the time this music was written (1892) you'd have been lucky to hear it two or three times in your whole life.  Today thanks to recordings and now YouTube, we can listen at will.  And, make no mistake, this performance is worth coming back to again and again.  There's nothing routine here.  The young maestro clearly loves this music and gives us a ravishing performance - nuanced and beautifully phrased.  It really is great stand-alone music and this wonderful video gives us the chance to experience that.  Bravo to Yannick and the orchestra.  And it's great to be alive in the first half of the 21st century.

1:36:46 1:39:14. Ficou muito bonito. Un perfecto deleite para mis oídos. 15:06 Cutest thing I've ever seen. Reminds me of that cat that always says please D'x <3 Should be so much fun being that role :D. This is such a joy to watch. Well made costumes - and most of all: brilliant dancers! The story is captivating! They really made the story come to life. Well done! It is mastery performed by everyone - orchestra not forgotten.

No me gusto. I just love how the conductor moves along with the music. no, it's the music that pushes him over! A ballet without dancing, and so our lovely conductor took up the role. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Great performance. The life, the energy within the music is so intense that I just couldn't help swinging slightly with rhythm infront of the screen, smiling... I am absolutely loving this version! The choreography is absolutely gorgeous. that 2nd act pas de deux was brilliant. For cripes sakes, stop trying to be the first one to applaud and let the damn company finish the ballet. This is one weird story.


Hey! Can you please tell me what is the name of the song in the minute 16:20. One of my favourite pieces of music 😍🎶. There is other videos on here where the girls are doing a routine. They memorized the steps and are dancing them out with no regards to the music. This girl has become the sugar plum fairy and is dancing the music. All her hits are when the music hits. She is what a true ballet artist should be. She didnt dance the sugar plum fairy she BECAME the sugar plum fairy. Cuando escucho la primera canción me imagino que estoy en un bosque de nieve.


Bolshoi ballet: El cascanueces
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